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Vision And Hearing Screening

Pediatrics of Southwest Houston

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Around 25% of all school-age children have significant vision problems, and two to three out of every 1,000 children are born with a hearing impairment. Vision and hearing screening is an effective way for medical professionals to identify these problems early in a child's development. The expert pediatricians at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston in Houston, Texas, offer a range of diagnostic services to support your child as they grow. Call the practice to schedule an appointment, or book online.

Vision and Hearing Screening Q & A

What is vision and hearing screening?

Your pediatrician performs a vision and hearing screening at every well-child visit to check for early signs of hearing or sight problems. If your child needs further evaluation or treatment, they refer your child to a specialist.

Your provider at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston ensures your child receives the diagnostic care they need throughout their childhood.

When should my child have vision and hearing screening?

Preventive vision and hearing screenings are vital parts of your child's health and development program. 


Babies should have a hearing screening when they're at least one month old, ideally before leaving the hospital after being born. If your baby doesn't pass the hearing screening, they need a full hearing test before turning three months old. All children should have a full hearing test when they turn two, followed by annual checkups.


Your child receives several vision screenings before the age of five — when they're first born, at three months, at six months, at three years, and five years old. If your child fails to pass a screening test, they should have a full sight test to check for any problems.

Remember, you don't have to wait for your child's next routine vision screening to raise any concerns you may have about your child's hearing or vision — you can request an appointment at any time.

What are the benefits of vision and hearing screening?

Vision and hearing screenings take just a few minutes but provide a great deal of insight into your child's development. Their benefits include:

Improved communication

Children rely on sight and sound to communicate with others. If they have trouble doing either, it can lead to speech impairment and prevent them from learning valuable listening and social skills.

Improved safety

Identifying that your child has vision or hearing problems allows you and your pediatrician to put in place measures to keep your child safe and even give them some independence.

Addresses learning disabilities

Vision and hearing problems significantly contribute to learning disabilities. Screening alerts your pediatrician to this early risk so that you can work together to ensure your child has the appropriate aids to enable them to progress. Glasses, hearing aids, and other educational resources ensure your child can live life to its fullest.

Learn more about your child’s hearing and vision tests at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

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