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Being pregnant is exciting, and bringing a baby into the world is downright life-changing. Giving your baby a healthy start begins with comprehensive prenatal care before they’re even born. If you’re expecting a baby, trust the team at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston to deliver comprehensive prenatal care. Schedule your first appointment online, or call the Houston, Texas, office to learn more.

Prenatal Visits Q & A

What are prenatal visits?

Prenatal visits are medical appointments designed for pregnant women. When you’re expecting a baby, your body goes through a dramatic transformation. Prenatal care tracks your baby’s development and your health, helping you prepare for labor and delivery.

At every appointment, your doctor reviews your medical history, does a physical exam, and monitors your baby’s growth. They’re there to answer any questions you and your partner have about pregnancy and birth.

Your doctor manages your health during pregnancy, but prenatal visits also help you prepare for labor. As your due date approaches, your appointments may include discussions about your birth plan, hospital stay, and possible medical interventions like induction, epidural, or C-section surgery.

How often do I need prenatal visits?

Most women have their first prenatal visit 8-10 weeks into their pregnancy. The first appointment is often the longest, and you continue regular visits throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Expect to have monthly checkups in your first two trimesters, or until week 26. Around week 20, you have an anatomical ultrasound, at which time you can learn the sex of your baby if you want to know. 

You may have prenatal visits every two weeks in weeks 26-36. Your pregnancy is considered full term in week 37, and you may have weekly prenatal visits until your baby is born. At these final appointments, your doctor checks your baby’s position to determine when you might go into labor.

When should I choose a pediatrician for my baby?

Prenatal care focuses on both your and your baby’s health before they’re born. But after birth, your baby’s medical care transitions to a pediatric team. The pediatricians at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston are experts in newborn care.

It’s never too early to choose a pediatrician for your baby. If you’re pregnant, consider scheduling a meet-and-greet appointment with the team at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston.

Choosing a pediatrician before your baby is born gives you an opportunity to feel comfortable with the team and fill out any necessary paperwork ahead of time. When your baby is born, your pediatrician may perform their first exam before you leave the hospital.

Comprehensive prenatal care helps prepare you to bring your new baby into the world. Learn more about prenatal visits at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

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