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There are several types of allergies that children suffer from today, including environmental allergies, food allergies, and skin allergies. It's important to identify your child’s allergies so that your doctor can prescribe an appropriate treatment plan and lifestyle changes. The experienced pediatricians at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston in Houston specialize in all types of children's health care, including allergy treatments. Use the online appointment tool or call for an allergy screening appointment anytime.

Allergies Q & A

What kinds of allergies are commonly seen in children?

There are three general categories of allergies, and your child can suffer from any of them.

Food allergies

Food allergies occur in many children today. Some of the most common food allergies include nut allergies (particularly peanut allergies,) milk allergies, soy allergies, and egg allergies.

Environmental allergies

There are a wide range of environmental allergies. Among children, some of the most common of these include pollen allergies, dust mite allergies, and pet dander allergies.

Skin allergies

Skin allergies can include reactions to nearly any substance. Particularly common skin allergies in children include reactions to laundry soaps, lotions, bubble baths, and other chemical products.

What are the signs that your child may have an allergy?

The signs that your child may have an environmental allergy can include sneezing, constantly runny nose, teary eyes, and breathing problems. With food allergies, their symptoms may include swelling around the mouth, breathing problems, redness around the mouth, and itchiness in and around the mouth. Skin allergies are usually easy to recognize because your child will typically have a rash, raised and swollen skin, or other disruptions to the skin.

Should your child be allergy tested?

If you suspect that your child has allergies, it's important to speak with a pediatrician at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston. Pediatricians recommend allergy testing if your child's symptoms are severe enough that they cause missed school or missed social activities. This type of testing can be the best way to isolate the cause of the allergy in some cases -- especially when there's no real indicator of what it might be.

In other cases, you may already suspect a particular allergen. For example, if you suspect your child's allergen is nuts, then a diet that eliminates nuts might provide a quick answer.

How can your child's allergy be treated?

Allergy treatment can take several different paths. Doctors customize treatment according to the type of allergy, the type of reaction your child has, and other individual factors. Doctors treat allergies with a combination of methods, including:

  • Avoiding the trigger substance, food, or environment
  • Special diet
  • Oral medications
  • Allergy shots
  • Inhaled medications (corticosteroids)

Is your child dealing with allergies of any type? The pediatricians at Pediatrics of Southwest Houston have the expertise to help. Use the convenient online appointment tool or phone the office for an appointment anytime.